Consulting in hygiene standards through auditing and training, chemical handling, product innovation and procurement

  • Audits


Bringing new technologies and new ways of thinking to all areas of business that have a hygiene requirement

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Assisting your business with the monitoring of hygiene standards and the preparation of audits

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Problem Solving

Sourcing materials and equipment and assisting with the resolution of hygiene issues

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Provision of bespoke field based and classroom training and presentation packages

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Cost Savings
Award Consultancy will help to source the same, similar or higher spec items for less than you are currently spending.

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Your partner in innovation and hygiene consultancy

At Award Consultancy we provide businesses with innovative decontamination technologies to organisations such as healthcare and food processing with a bespoke service, giving advice on microbiological product testing both in the laboratory and in the field where the product is targeted and customer facing support if required. We also use our expertise to help produce marketing and sales support and advice on route to market and sales strategy especially in the healthcare and processed food sectors. The main product categories we focus on are those targeted at the reduction of potentially harmful microorganisms in healthcare with the ever increasing problem of multi antibiotic resistant bacteria and in food production product spoiling and foodborne pathogens.

We also provide technical support, problem solving, auditing and hygiene surveys especially in the area of food processing. Award Consultancy can also facilitate businesses with bespoke training packages for operational staff in the field of environmental microbiology and hygiene.

We actively invite other professionals to join our consultancy as part of our team to add your particular knowledge and skill set to our organisation.

The business areas we cover are any businesses where hygiene and microbiological integrity is of the highest importance. Partnering companies with existing and innovative decontamination and cleaning technologies we believe adding our expertise will help bring these products to their chosen market and maybe find alternative application areas and revenue streams.

At Award we are not saying that we know everything but maybe add complementary knowledge that will help improve your business and in partnership create a positive outcome.

Contact us to see if we can help, as a phone conversation doesn’t cost much apart from a little of our mutual time.

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