Base Line Audit Training – Helps to highlight GOOD and BAD Hygienic Practices, Cleaning Methodology issues, Cross Contamination issues, Water Savings, Time Savings and potential costs to the business, either directly or indirectly. The audit training shows the use of a Traffic Light System, which identifies the “low hanging fruit” with photos for documental evidence.

Cleaning Methodology Training – Training the methodology required by all staff involved in hygiene. This involves a FULL hygiene visit with staff to help coach, correct bad practices and encourage good practices.  Training on site works in conjunction with current BRC standard and Industry Codes Of Practices (COP’s).

Finished Standards Training: Training with regards to Finished Standards for all staff involved in hygiene.  Staff will be trained in the “buddy system” and in “inspection” which allows all staff to be trained to clean to a High Standard, which ensure compliance with COP’s.

Cleaning schedules: Cleaning procedures will be completed with site using photographs and if requested, in FULL Strip Down.  This aids factories where the first language is not English. Staff can simply follow the procedure by looking at the photographs and observing the procedures when carried out and trained by experienced staff members.

Bespoke Hygiene Training: On request, INFICHEM in conjunction with their sister company AWARD CONSULTANCY, can create BESPOKE hygiene training which includes Basic Food Hygiene (Levels 1 & 2) etc.

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