The law requires that you maintain a high standard of Food Hygiene within your business. Environmental Health Officers ensure that acceptable standards are maintained and that those failing to meet the standards are punished appropriately. The safety of food is vital to all consumers and food businesses. Consumers must have confidence that the food they buy and eat will be what they expect, will do them no harm and that they are protected from fraud. The importance of this confidence cannot be underestimated for businesses.

Although food safety legislation affects everyone in the country, it is particularly relevant to anyone working in the production, processing, storage, distribution and sale of food, no matter how large or small the business. This includes non-profit making organisations.

In order to ensure that your business complies fully with all of the relevant regulations and so that any problems can be identified and addressed before they become a serious issue, it is recommended that you undertake periodic Food Hygiene audits.

AWARD CONSULTANCY are experienced Food Hygiene auditors, trained to current legislation and Food Hygiene standards. We offer a variety of audits including GMP, End Clean Hygiene, Methodology, Clean As You Go, Pre-BRC and retailer audits.

Our experienced consultants will provide a detailed, impartial perspective of their findings and will provide a documented audit report offering advice and guidance on improving their hygiene performance. The detailed audit report is scored and will provide traffic light results as well as the detailed action plan.

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